David Musick

Southwestern Regional Director

Welcome to the beautiful Southwestern Region of Virginia and our regional chapter of VASSA!  We are glad you landed on this part of our web page. VASSA Southwest Region covers a large geographic area, and there are lots of simulation activities going on here!  We meet at least twice per year: once at the annual statewide VASSA Conference, and one other time that is arranged with the membership.  Because we are so spread out geographically, we are moving toward having “virtual” meetings online in lieu of face to face meetings.  In our region, we have approximately 85 people who work in some aspect of simulation; and this group of people represents 17 different organizations.  We are growing and hope to offer some new opportunities for our regional chapter in the near future. If you have any questions or would like additional information, please let us know. Come join us!!

Join Us in Southwestern Virginia!

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VASSA’s 10th Anniversary!

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